Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

We have deployed a completely decentralized and automated IDO/Presale launchpad that is connected to and/ interoperable with our Liquidity Locker,Staking, vesting and our Token Minter.
To protect the investors/buyers, every Project/IDO has to lock liquidity between 50%-100% of the total raised funds for a period between 6-12moths. We advocates 50% lock of the total raised funds in order to create a significant sustainable ground from inception that will relatively absorb large market order without impacting on the price of the coin/token.
To protect projects and to prevent participants of IDO from initiating market at a detrimental rate, all bought tokens will be locked in the contract until the IDO/presale ends/completes and Listed.
After the completion of any IDO,a public "call to action button" will be available for anyone who has participated in the IDO to execute the market listing function, the contract will automatically list the token/coin from the preset information provided by the project 's team.