Participating in IDO


Incase you are new to IDOs

Bamstarter is an open and decentralised platform-which means that,anyone can create and name a presale freely including counterfeit version of an already existing token. It's also very possible for developers and projects to deploy smart contracts with some dubious functions or creates a mintable token which gives the possibility of minting near infinite token and possibly dump it on the available locked liquidity. Please, Do Your Own Research(DYOR) Before engaging in any form of presale.
Further risks involve in cryptocurrency investment includes
Abandonment of Project by Developers: One of the highest risk is developers abandoning the projects at any point in time leaving the community with nothing but empty hopes.
Proxied Contract: The contracts and functions of the contract of a token behind a proxy can be changed anytime in the future to anything including freezing assets transfers and even minting more token. hypothetically, anything is possible.