Components of BitcoinBam Ecosystem

BitcoinBam-Ecosystem consists of in-demand and a well thought out products and mechanisms that interoperates and supports each features seamlessly while serving the interest and bringing new benefits to all players in the ecosystem.
These products, benefits and mechanisms includes but not limited to:
  • Launchpad
  • Liquidity Locker
  • Token Vesting
  • Staking
  • DAO
  • Sponsorship Funding
  • Easy to Use Interface and Great User Experience
These products, benefits and mechanism components are carefully put in place to ensure a win-win situation for all players/participants involved in our ecosystem which includes:
  • Founders/Entrepreneurs/Innovators and Project teams
  • Investors,Token holders and stakers
  • DAO/Community Members
  • Partnered Ecosystems and Projects
  • Advisors and Contributors
In this document, we will reveal all the core components and mechanisms of the Btcbam-Ecosystem and we will explore how every parties in our ecosystem gain correlative and mutual advantages through different dynamics of their participations in the ecosystem