Successful And Failed IDO

Situation 1: The soft cap of the IDO is met, and the time for all rounds elapsed.
Situation 2: The hardcap of the IDO is met, before the timer elapsed.
Situation 1: The soft cap of the IDO is not met by the end block of all rounds.
Situation 2: The markets pair cannot initiate due to errors in token's smart contract .
Situation 3: A liquidity pool is/was created manually during/before the IDO.
What is the CTA "Launch Market Pair" button?
The "launch Market pair" button appears as soon as the IDO is in "Success" status and this button can be clicked by anyone to launch the project into the markets.
This is what happens when it's clicked:
  • Create a liquidity pool using "token of IDO" + "currency used to purchase" (HTE,BNB, ETH, BUSD etc.) .
  • Send to the newly created pair the percentage of funds (50%-100%) reserved for the liquidity
  • Send the rest (0-40%) to the IDO creator.
  • Time-lock the LP token as per the parameters set during creation of the IDO.
  • Burn the unsold portion of the tokens in cases where hard cap wasn't reached .
This will effectively make the token purchased during the IDO tradable on the chosen AMM/Swap platform.